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iGaming Online Casino Program Coming To The US In August

For those in the US that have been battling hard to have online gambling prohibition end, August 20th will be a historical date. In the third week of August, the D.C. Lottery will officially become the first to offer regulated Internet gambling to D.C. residents.

The controversial decision to allow online gambling in Washington D.C. was met with criticism from anti-gambling groups, and joy from those looking to end prohibition. On August 20th, residents will be permitted to play bingo, poker, scratch-off, and Victory at Sea games. At first the gamblers can only play for fake money.

The Lottery is using the first couple of weeks to ensure that all the safeguards are in place to protect against problem and underage gambling. The guidelines for the new gaming site were outlined on Monday, and they include strict rules regarding age requirements.

One of the goals of the Lottery was to keep high school students from being able to access the site. The gambling age requirement will be nineteen, ensuring all high school students will be blocked. The age restriction, however, does leave open the possibility that college students could gamble online.

The integrity of the site is also a top priority for the Lottery. Currently, they are working on technology that would stop players from cheating fellow players. One deterrent for cheating is the relatively small limits that the Lottery will insist on in the beginning.

After the first few weeks of the trial period, iGaming is expected to go live for real money. At that time, it will become the first regulated online gambling operation in the US that offers games such as blackjack and poker.

The federal government may not be far behind Washington D.C., with a new bill proposed last week by Representative Joe Barton. The legislation would only authorize and regulate online poker, excluding still blackjack, slots, craps, roulette, and other popular casino games.

Online Gambling Software

Grand Duke Chooses Playtech As Online Gambling Software Provider

The online gambling industry is changing on an almost daily basis, with online casinos switching software providers and creating partnerships in the hopes of entering the US market in the near future. This past week, Integra Gaming LTD announced that they have selected Playtech as the software provider for the new Grand Duke Casino.

The casino is being touted by Integra as a casino that will be dedicated to bringing the top service and gaming experience to bettors. That is the goal of all new online casinos, but Grand Duke now has one of the top software providers supplying the games for the casino.

Playtech has long been a leader in the online casino industry. Their games have 3D graphics, and their total number of casino games reaches over 150. Slots are always one of the main draws at an online casino, but table games and poker are also becoming increasingly popular.

Grand Duke Casino is licensed and regulated in Malta. The casino is one of dozens that have been sprouting up since many countries have changed their online gambling policies. Italy, Germany, France, and Spain are countries in Europe that have loosened their Internet gaming restrictions.

Canada has several provinces that have started to offer online casino gambling to their residents. The US is considered to be the biggest online gambling market in the world, but they have yet to change their prohibition stance regarding online gambling. Lawmakers in the US are working on new legislation that may open up the market in the coming years.

As for the Grand Duke, the casino will begin taking customers’ bets in less than a month. The target launch date is in April. Once open, the casino is promising competitive bonus structures and superior customer service as selling points to the millions of online gamblers around the world.

Betting Winners

Giamatti, Bening Among Betting Winners At 2011 Golden Globes

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As is the case with many award shows, Las Vegas sports books were filled with gamblers on Sunday for the 2011 Golden Globes. The award show attracted bettors because of the unpredictability associated with who would win this year.

There were some shockers along the way, and there also were a fair share of expected winners. The big winners on the night included Glee and Boardwalk Empire. Robert De Niro was honored for his lieflong work, and Ricky Gervais started things off with a bang with his opening monologue.

Once the opener was out of the way, it was time to start handing out the awards. Paul Giamatti won the Golden Globe for lead actor in a movie comedy/musical for Barney’s Version. The female version of the award went to Annette Bening for The Kids Are All Right.

Jim Parsons, who finally started being recognized last year for his work on The Big Bang Theory, won the actor in a musical or comedy award. Parsons previously won an Emmy last year for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper on the popular CBS show. Laura Linney won the award on the actress side.

Steve Buscemi won the best actor in a drama award for his starring role in Boardwalk Empire. The show has been one of the most popular on HBO in years, as it details life during the prohibition era. The first season is reported to have cost $60 million to produce.

Some of the easier picks for gamblers who bet on the Golden Globes were Jane Lynch from Glee for best supporting actress, and Al Pacino for actor in a miniseries or movie for You Don’t Know Jack. Boardwalk Empire won the award for drama series, and The Social Network won for motion picture drama.

Online Gambling

German Law Changes Will Have A Major Impact In Online Gambling

For online gambling companies that are regulated in jurisdictions where the tax rate is low, operating in companies where regulations do not exist is a gold mine. The companies offer their services to gamblers in the unregulated country, and have to pay no taxes on the revenue generated.

In Germany, this is how UK and other foreign-based companies have operated for years. That may soon change, however, with German lawmakers considering regulating their Internet gambling industry. A proposal is on the table that would make gaming companies pay a sixteen percent tax on revenue.

Just the news of such regulations has made investors squirm. The top gaming companies on the London Stock Exchange all took a hit when the possible German regulations were announced. Betfair PLC and digital entertainment both saw their stocks drop with concern growing that Germany is serious about the regulations.

Germany would become the latest in a growing list of European countries that have addressed their online gambling industries in recent years. Italy, France, and Spain have all agreed to open up their gambling markets to foreign companies. The opening of the industry is good for foreign companies, but large tax bills are another story.

Many of the companies that would be affected by German regulations have pulled out of the largest online gambling market in the world, the US. Legislators in the US are working towards regulating Internet gambling, and if that occurs, foreign companies would likely enter the market.

Already, Wynn Resorts, Station Casinos, and Caesars Entertainment, have partnered with foreign companies in preparation of online poker regulations. Caesars has launched several online casinos in jurisdictions where regulations are in place.